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Test Items concerned with board and card games for U.S.A. market.

For toy and game products in U.S.A. market, the items below will need to be submitted for testing and pass. They should be tested to the following standards:

US CPSC FHSA Regulations

-16 CFR 1500 Mechanical Hazards

-16 CFR 1500.44 (Flammability of Solids)

-16 CFR 1303 Lead Content – composite colors


US ASTM F963-11 Standard

-Mechanical Hazard


-Heavy Metals – surface coating and substrate





-CPSIA Total lead content in substrate – composite up to 3 colors

-CPSIA Total lead content in surface coating – composite up to 3 colors


-CPSIA BBP/DBP/DEHP – composite up to 3 colors

-CPSIA DNOP/DINP/DIDP – composite up to 3 colors

-CA Prop 65 DnHP

CPSIA Tracking Label Evaluation


Ningbo Lijia Industry Have Strict Product Quality Control and Safety Compliance

Ningbo Lijia stay on top of customer’s compliance programs; understand the U.S. and European etc. laws and regulations in product safety. Their plants are ISO 9001 and ICTI certified,and evaluated based on customers’ code of conduct. Their products for children conform to U.S. 16CFR, ASTM-963.07, CPSIA and EN71 standards. Etc. 

China is the most dynamic emerging market to provide the vast range of sources, but the obstacles such as: far away from your company, different time zone, language barrier, culture clash, lack of on-site quality control and inspection, constant local regulation and policy changing will undermine your potential achievement. Ningbo Lijia Industry stands here in China to remove all these hurdles for you and work with you in the most professional and cost efficient manner you are familiar with to accomplish your targets.


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