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Ningbo Lijia Did a Excellent Job
On 17th Jun. 2013, Luis from Venezuela said: "We are very happy with the products. They are very bautiful and with a great quality, every it's very fine. Every mine parnerts are very happy with your great work, please you tell them my congratulations to the your team."
On Jul. 24th 2011, Brent Barrie, one of Ningbo Lijia's clients, praise Ningbo Lijia Company in his commendatory letter. He said." I just wanted to let you know that games arrived here in Halifax safely today, and they look fabulous. Excellent Job! Please feel free to make use of me as a reference. I will definitely be checking with your company when I'm ready to print my next games, which should be ready in short coming days."
On Oct. 4th, 2011, Commuse from Netherlands said. " shipments has just arrived here. We checked the contents and it looks PERFECT...!!! We are very happy with the result. Ningbo Lijia did a GREAT job with the cards,and game figures and the box and print and assembling. We will definitely come back to you in a few months for the english version and hopefully already for a reprint of the Dutch verson :-))"
On 17th Sep. 2011, Steve from UK said. " The games is good!! Card games would be better, but it doesn't matter really! Thank you a lot for the white cards and box!! The service you gave is excellent like always and I will give very good comments of your company!!"
On 14th May. 2011, David said. " I have arranged the balance payment. Thank you again for everything! You are a great person, Ningbo Lijia is a good company and I really enjoyed doing the process with your company. We will continue to use your company for future project for sure!"
On 23rd Oct. 2011, Ilona Torraca from U.S.A. said. " The games are here. They come today. Thank you so much!!!!! Everything looks great!!!!! When I have a next project, I will let you know. We are all happy here."
On 23rd Aug. 2011, Jethro Taylor said. " Good morning, Julia. I just wanted to let you know that we have received Sherwood Showdown today! It looks great, and the quality is excellent on the cartons we opened so far. We very much appreciate the help your company gave us on this project and look forward to working with your company again in the future. Please feel free to put photos of the games on your site if you wish.



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