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SRS-044 has been modified and essentially replaced with SRS-018


From December 2012, SRS-044 has been modified and essentially replaced with SRS-018.


Ningbo Lijia industry specializes in producing metal game token, plastic/ wooden/ metal game pieces, printing, cut, assembling, whole game set, etc. Any game product they produce conform to Code of Federal Regulation(C.F.R.)Title 16, Part 1303(Also known as 16 C.F.R.1303), 16C.F.R. 1500,the CPSIA limits for lead and phthalate content, and tracking labels. They also fully comply with ASTM, EN71-2008,etc. SRS-018 has a stricter content limit for all toxic elements in game related products. Today, Lijia's board game, metal tokens, plastic game playing pieces all passed the testing of SRS-018. All testing results meet the requirements of SRS-018.


NINGBO LIJIA'S game components, board and card game, etc. have been supplied to Hasbro's supplier chains for many years.





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