▶ Can Lijia Game help me with prototypes for my test play?

Yes. We have more than 20 years game product development & production experiences on variety of board games, game miniatures/tokens/movers/figurines/characters/parts, etc. We’d like to work with you for evey manufacturing process from concept to actual products. but if you are not ready to go with mass production, you’d better directly make your prototypes by yourself to save much money and time. i.e. you can use digital printing for printing items, gule your own game box, while your using some old game pieces from some old board game sets, etc. This DIY(do it by yourself) can almost meet your play testing need, and will save you much money and time. However,please feel free to contact us for top quality prototype needs.

▶ Does Lijia Game do full service for my whole game sets?

Yes, we do printing, cut, high precise injection, die-casting, centrifigual casting, vacuum forming, wood turning and milling, assembling, everything concerned with toy and game industry.

▶ Once I have an approved spec. form or design, how long does it take to receive a quote?

Usually in two or three days. If urgent, in one day. Becasue we are a real, direct and very professional experienced board and card game manufacturer in Chinese mainland, we can quickly have feasible industrial manfuacturing solution and costing for your toy and games upon receipt of your spec. detail. Please dont hesitate to contact us.

There are following way for you to show us your concept, then we can easily start our development process and later industrial mass production based on cost-effective industrial ideas:

1, For metal and plastic tokens:
1.1, Give us .jpg pictures to clearly show us what you need for industrial mass manufacturing. The pictures should be from different view. The more the better.
1.2, Give us mock-up or sculpts you make at your own end to show us what you need for industrial mass production.
1.3, Give us 3D CAD files made by your end to show us what you need for industrial mass production. Pls convert your 3D CAD files into 
.stp, .stl files to send us. Here our tooling experts use UG or Pro Engineer software to deal with your 3D CAD files.
1.4, Send us 3D design files along with a 3D-printed physical sample of each unique design.

1.5, Send us 3D printed models only.

Note: Now 3D printing can quickly save time to show us your concept. Once receipt of your models by 3D printer, we can quickly make our industrial prototypes to you based on industrial manufacturing feasibility for your approval. then quick tooling, and industrial mass production.


2, For wood tokens:

Because of wood turning, cutting, milling technic here, and becasue of almost all wood tokens are 2-demensional, your pencil sketch, even simple .jpg pictures can well show us what you need, then quick prototypes to you, and final quick tooling, industrial mass production.



Pls feel free to contact our experienced account manager if you have any question.


▶ Once I have an approved spec. form or design, how long does it take to receive a quote?

▶ What does Lijia Game need from me to complete a quote?

Make your own game specification or directly download our specification template at Quote Request to make your game spec. form. Then ask us for free pricing. Lijia Game will repsond solution and costing to you within two days.

Lijia Game has its own tooling cernter, injection process, centrifigual and die casting process, wood turning and milling process, etc. Lijia Game is a famous Industry Group for toy and game manufacturing only. We can manufacture and supply almost all game components involved in toy and game industry. Hereby we list some type of game compents as following: High detailed miniatures, minis, figurines, Metal token and characters, wood pieces, sand timers, setup box, game boards, game inserts, clam shells, tin box, note pads, plastic, metal and wood game pieces, variety of dice, pawns, dice shakers, spinner and arrows, card stands, chips and counters, sand timers, drawstring cotton bags, poker cards, dominos, game miniatures, game figurine, game tokens, booster decks, trading cards, tuck boxes, blister packs, POP displays, and everything.

▶ What type of components does Lijia Game Produce or Provide?

Lijia Game is a real, direct and professional Industry Group with main focus on toy and games only. We have three 100% fully-owned professional manufactories for printing, packaging, assembly, plastic injection, urea forming process, three affiliated factories for tooling, wood turning and milling, metal forming process, etc. and several long term sister factories for vacuum process, intaglio printing, roto casting, hand painting, etc. Our state of art facilities and veteran workers enable us maximum control over the quality of our products while maintaining competitive pricing. Lijia Game has been manufacturing toy, games, miniatures, figurines, game components since 2005, and well know professional details required to produce toy and games. Our professional and experienced attention to all the manufacturing process and our excellent quality control allow us to avoid many common problems such as board warping, peeling, moisture issues, mold, and color inconsistencies. Please feel free to work with us for any manufacturing service involved in toy and games industry.

▶ How is Lijia Game Different with others ?

▶ We will provide you with artwork, What format files will we provide you?

File requirements: .Eps, .cdr, .ai, .pdf format files in CMYK color mode, 300 dpi at least, all fonts should be converted to curves/outlines. 3-4mm bleed. All cards should be separate files. Separate files / Pages per card on actual sized page, with crop marks and bleed outside the live area.

▶ I am a new game company. what is the work procedure with your company?

Generally speaking, there are following work procedure: Sending us specification, getting our quotation including pricing, development charge, industrial manfuacturing feasibility, timing, acceepting our priciing and timing, sending us artworks, 3D files and/or models, or concept for some bespoke game components, paying development charge, getting proof and industrial prototypes of some game components, approval of our proof and prototypes, paying deposit of product payment, waiting for preproduction samples, waiting for mass production samples, inspection if you need, payment the balance, delivery by sea or air, your Customs clearance and inland transportation. Estimated time for whole game: 90 days